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Delia Lopez for Congress Fundraiser and Radio day on September 16th will include 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time

Donations during this event will help our aggressive radio commercial campaign. Please donate today:  http://dlopezforcongress.com/donate

You can always call Delia directly,  503-954-4080 she is asking you to hire her to represent you. Give her a call and meet her.

Guest Line Up:

9:00 - am Michael Badnarik Constitution Preservation

10:00-am Kurt Wallace LibertyPulse.com Interview  Delia Lopez

11:00-am Larisa Sparrowhawk  Oregon Farm Rights

12:00-pm Sheriff Richard Mack Sheriff Mack

1:00 - pm Frank Anderson I Caucus

2:00 - pm  Bob Tuskin www.TheyLie.com with Jake Towne

3:00 - pm Delia Lopez interviews Senatorial candidate Shane Dinkel

4:00 - pm Bob Shultz We the People Foundation

5:00 - pm Rants and Raves with Rex

6:00 - pm Tentative yes from Dr. Ron Paul

6:30 - pm Dave Nalle Chairman Republican Liberty Caucus

7:00 - pm Frantz Kebreau NAACPC

8:00 - pm Ken Van Doren The Voice of Liberty

Please donate today:  http://dlopezforcongress.com/donate


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